Fireworks and Your Roof

One tradition many people partake in each year for Canada Day is shooting off fireworks! While fireworks can provide great enjoyment, they also bring an increased risk of damage to your roof. Quality roofing material is treated to be fire resistant, but some conditions can still lead to fires. Here’s some tips and tricks to protect your roof this year:

1. Clear Your Roof of Any Debris.

Before shooting off any fireworks near your home, be sure there’s no debris sitting on your roof. Dry leaves, sticks and other debris tend to gather in roof valleys and gutters. These types of material can quickly turn a small spark from a firework into a blazing fire. By clearing your roof ahead of time, you’ll decrease the risk of a house fire if a firework does accidentally land on your roof. Regular cleaning of your gutters, not just around Canada Day, will help you avoid roof issues throughout all the seasons.

2. Trim Back Any Overhanging Trees.

Not only can dry debris on your roof catch fire, but tree branches can also catch fire. If that branch is hanging over your house when it catches fire, it can break off, falling on your home and catching your roof on fire. Avoid that possibility by trimming back your trees away from your home. This is a good roofing maintenance tip even if you aren’t shooting off fireworks, as summer storms can cause tree branches to fall on your roof and cause damage.

3. Get a Roof Inspection.

If you haven’t already had your semi-annual roof inspection, now’s the time to get one done! If your roof is missing shingles or is damaged in any other way, it is more vulnerable to catching fire from fireworks. Exposed roof felt paper for example, can catch fire easily and spread quickly. Make sure your roof is in tip top condition to avoid any further damage.

4. Don’t Shoot Fireworks Toward a Home.

If you live in an a neighborhood with homes close together and very little yard space, you might want to avoid shooting off fireworks at home. Some cities and states actually have laws against fireworks. Try to find a spot with plenty of open space, as it’s very difficult to control where a firework is going to go once it’s lit. If you are near any buildings, be sure to shoot away from them. You want to avoid fireworks landing on your roof altogether.

5. Clean Up Firework Trash.

When you are done with the fireworks, be sure to clean up your trash. Don’t leave the smoldering firework debris to just sit, especially if it’s anywhere near your home. While it may seem the fire is out, tiny sparks could still be inside. If firework debris is not properly disposed of, there’s a chance it could re-ignite at a later time. To be safe, soak the debris in a bucket of water.
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