Dykstra Knight Roofing and Renovation can provide a solution for your eavestrough needs. We offer many solutions that will combine form and function to add to the value of your home. For more information, call us today.


First, we make sure loose debris is removed from the roof areas. Next, we clean each rain eavestroughs by hand and then rinse them clean. Finally, we make sure each downspout is flushed thoroughly and checked to ensure proper flow. All debris is removed from the site, leaving your home clean and prepared for the next storm.


Tired of cleaning leaves and debris from your eavestrough? We offer a full line of solutions that will remove this chore from your to-do list.


If possible, we will work to save you money by repairing your existing eavestrough instead of replacing them with new ones. Before we provide you a quote for a job, we will always ask your preference.


The fascia board on your home is the first thing you see when looking at built-in gutters head on. It is the visual front to a hidden gutter system and when this starts to rot and wear away, it is a tell-tale sign that your built-in gutter system has not been functioning properly. We remove the damaged board and are then able to assess any further damage to the structure of your home, as well as the gutter system issues which resulted in the damage and the fascia rot.

After addressing the underlying gutter system issues and repairing any damage to the system, we replace your fascia board to give your home a fresh look again


Flashing is a key component for protecting the top and outer face of the fascia board from rain by shedding water away. When the flashing is improperly installed or damaged, water can seep through the fascia causing rot even when your gutter system is functioning properly. As part of our gutter repair services, we replace the flashing where necessary, so you can be sure all aspects of your gutter system are functioning and protected.

Soffit Installations

The soffit provides both an aesthetic and functional purpose for your home, connecting your roof to the siding and providing ventilation for your roof area. Soffits are located on the bottom side of the eaves. The soffit is usually vented so air can pass freely to regulate the temperature in the attic.


Soffit Replacement & Repair

Smaller details like soffits and fascia are often ignored. Yet these are important elements that protect your home from water damage and exterior rust issues. Fascia and soffit are your home’s saving grace that can save you thousands of dollars in water damage repairs.

That’s why it’s important to get soffits repaired or replaced in good order. We’ll inspect your soffit and fascia to see what the job calls for. If a less complicated repair is called for, we won’t recommend paying more for an unnecessary replacement. If the soffit and fascia are damaged or worn beyond repair, we’ll give you a clear estimate and work with you to find the best solution to your home soffit needs.


Our trucks are stocked and ready to fix any problems we may come across at your home, right on the spot. All work is performed by our trained professionals. Please ask us for specific product information.


There is no need to worry about scheduling—we are able to take care of your eavestrough, even if you’re not home.

About the Process

Your roof’s life has many stages, and only once it is past the point of repair should it need to be replaced. We will tell you the truth about your roof’s condition and we will never try to sell you something you don’t need.

At Dykstra Knight Roofing, our repairmen are highly trained in almost all types of roofing systems, including gutters. This gives us a distinct advantage over our competition when it comes time to repair someone else’s work. We will assess the installation technique used to install your roof initially, and devise a plan to remediate any damage that may have occurred. Dykstra Knight Roofing is your best choice for roof repairs.

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