Halloween Roof Decorating Safety Tips

Halloween is just around the corner so it’s time to prepare your home for the neighborhood’s little ghosts and goblins. Before those trick-or-treat-ers reach your home there are a few steps you can take to ensure everyone has a worry-free, safe Halloween. Planning to decorate your roof this Halloween? If so, you need to be careful about how you approach the project. Roof decorating injuries are common around Halloween and Christmas, and most of them can be avoided with some simple precautions.

  1. Work As A Team

There should be at least two people involved with a roof decorating project at all times. The second person can act as a spotter on the ground to hold the ladder and watch for potential hazards, or he or she can provide extra support on the roof itself. If an accident does occur, having a second person on site will give you the best chance at getting help as quickly as possible.

  1. Keep An Eye Out For Roof Damage

Discolored roof shingles or areas with missing shingles are accidents waiting to happen. These areas usually have weak substructure from leaking or general wear and tear. Before you walk on your roof, check for any areas that may have damage. Avoid stepping on these parts of the roof and get them repaired as soon as you can. If you see signs of roof damage call the experts at CMC Roofing Services ASAP.

  1. Inspect Lights & Extension Cords

Before you put electrical cords or lights on your roofing, make sure they are working and in good condition. Frayed wiring could easily set fire to your roof shingles, or they could damage the rest of your decorations from a shock or short in the wires. Even if you have used the same decorations year after year, you still need to look over them thoroughly before installing them on your roof.

  1. Use The Right Ladder

Your ladder should be sturdy, secure, and at least three feet taller than the entry point for your roofing. Make sure that there is someone at the base of the ladder to hold it while you climb up onto the roof.

  1. Know When You Need Help

If you cannot set up your Halloween roof decorations on your own, don’t risk it. You can hire professionals to decorate your roofing for you; they are sure to have the tools and equipment to get the job done right. Protect yourself and your family by requesting professional help when you need it, and your house is sure to be the talk of the block this Halloween!

Roof decor is just one way for adults to join in the festive Halloween spirit. However, having a safe roof to protect your home as well as to support your decor should be a priority to you as a homeowner. And of course, as you are putting up your decorations and doing some last minute repairs, you may want to send a message to Dykstra Knight to make sure your roof is ready for decorations and even winter weather.