Should You Consider Roof Repairs In The Winter?

The last thing folks want to think about during the cold winter months is roof repairs, but sometimes there’s little choice. Luckily roofing during a Thunder Bay winter isn’t the abominable snow beast you might think it is – usually, it just takes some extra planning and attentive prep work!

Read on to get a brief run-down of things to know about when considering a wintertime roof repair during wintertime in Thunder Bay.

Should You Tackle Roof Repairs In The Winter?

The quick answer is:  It depends.

The longer answer is:

If the problem is bad enough that it’s causing you serious issues right now then you can bet your bottom dollar it isn’t going to get better with time. And even if the problem isn’t giving you a huge headache at the moment, will you be safe waiting to address it when warmer weather arrives?

With this in mind, your best bet is to call a professional roofer with many years of practical winter roofing experience under their tool belt. A knowledgeable roofer will be able to assess the severity of your roof repair. They will let you know if you should get it fixed ASAP, or whether you can hold off until warmer weather returns.

Finding Advice You Can Trust:
Things Roofers Must Consider With Winter Roof Repairs

Some roof repairs just won’t wait.

We all know Thunder Bay has 2 seasons:

  1. Normal construction season
  2. Snowy construction season

Even though the busiest season in Thunder Bay’s roofing industry is without doubt the summer, we’re still hard at work repairing roofs in Ontario throughout the cold winter months. Our amazing crews of local roofing experts know what it takes to repair a roof the right way, even when that roof is under a meter of snow.